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Bare Wire Recycling Inc's new location at 1512 Hastings Crescent S.E Come on down and check us out.

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Thank you for visiting Bare Wire Recycling.

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Welcome to Bare Wire Recycling Inc.

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Thank you for stopping by Bare Wire Recycling and joining us in the fight to preserve the planet for future generations. Our mission is to keep copper and other scrap metals out of the landfill while putting money in your pocket

Reserves of copper are still sizeable, but will not be able to sustain present rates of demand. Therefore it is even more important than ever that not one pound of copper in circulation be wasted in a landfill.

At Bare Wire Recycling, our customers come first. Whether you are a contractor, electrical supplier, electrician, or a scrap metal recycler, you've come to the right place. We strive to provide the best on-site service possible while paying you the highest current market value.

Brandon Cooper, the owner and founder of Bare Wire Recycling, has been in the waste and recycling industry for over 10 years. Since its beginnings, Bare Wire Recycling Inc. has earned a reputation as an innovator and pioneer in the industry.

Our customer base has grown from a handful of electricians in Calgary to servicing the entire Province of Alberta. We will continue to serve the Albertans while working towards the goal of expanding across Canada. In doing so, we hope to leave a positive footprint on the industry as well as our environment. As we continue to grow, we never forget what it most important: The Legacy We Leave Behind.

  • We save you Time, Money and Hassle
  • Our professional buyers come directly to your location
  • All of our scales are regularly Tested and Certified
  • We buy all types of Non-Ferrous Metals
  • If you don't know how to recycle it, Give us a call!

We are currently open from 830 am until 5 pm monday to friday and 10 am-4 pm on Saturday our pick up service is available 24 hours a day with advance notice for our Corporate Clients

Main Wire Types

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High Recovery Wire

This wire has excellent recovery and usually is very close in price with #2 copper. Common size is ranged from 100 MCM to 1000 MCM, 100 being the smallest.

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Insulated #1 Wire

Consist of clean, untinned, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and cable, not smaller than N. 16 B & S wire gauge, free of burnt wire which is brittle; with all ends cut off.

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Insulated #2 Wire

Consist of miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire. Should be free of the following: Excessively leaded, tinned, soldered copper wire; brass and bronze wire; excessive oil content, iron, and non-metallics; copper wire from burning, containing insulation; and should be reasonably free of ash; with all ends cut off.

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Insulated #3 Wire

Insulated #3 copper wire in which the amount of copper inside is minimal. Some examples are the wire in Christmas tree lights and telephone wire.

Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity. An exposed surface of copper has reddish and orange colours. Used as a conductor of heat and electricity, as a building material, and as a constituent of various metal alloys, such as sterling silver used in jewelry, cupronickel used to make marine hardware and coins, and constantan used in strain gauges and thermocouples for temperature measurement.

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